How much time does it take to change the behaviour of the team?

It is always difficult to change the behaviour of the team, especially in cases where management changes or some processes change. We always complain that the team is adamant and not ready to accept any change.

Why are all or majority team members not ready to accept the change?

What factors restrict them to accept the change?

How much time does it take to change the behaviour of the team?

How to implement the changes so that team can smoothly adopt it without any resistance?

AND the main issue is how to change the behaviour of the team within the time frame?

Any change in the behaviour of the team depends on four factors:

1. Need

2. Urgency

3. Complexity

4. Repercussions.

And your success as a leader depends on downloading these factors to the team in an effective manner. In most of the cases, the team was informed only about changes; they are not aware, why this change has been made? What is the urgency? And what will be the repercussions if not adopted immediately?. Repercussions on both sides, first, what is the loss to the company if not adopted and second, what actions will be taken against staff for not adopting these changes.

If team members are aware of the rationale behind these changes, the urgency and the benefits of these changes, whether long-term or short-term, they will accept and act on the change immediately.

Many times the complexity of the new procedure and lack of support function also restricts them to adopt the change. Without proper testing, the launching of any new process will be a disaster. Training also plays a vital role in this process. Sufficient time should be provided to team members to equip themselves with new skills.


I want to end this conversation with a story.

A young boy with his sporty bike was habitual of jumping traffic signal daily. The traffic police posted at this signal always noticed, many a time whistled but in vain. One day the policeman stopped him, struck his back with full power and fined him for ₹1000. Do you think he needs more time to change his behaviour?

Banker with rich experience of 27 years